Welcome Back Scholars!

Just over one-year ago we found ourselves in uncertain times. The pandemic altered all norms and forced our schools into complete shutdown status. Many lives were lost and our school community was shaken. We will continue to hold dear those from the U Prep Community who lost their battle against the COVID-19 virus.

We are thankful for the consistent feedback from our families and crew who have partnered with us in this process of bringing our school community back together, and in-person for the last quarter of the school year. While many are eager to return to in-person learning we are sensitive to those who prefer an alternative option. In an effort to ensure that our school reopening process continues with equity for the entire U Prep community, our in-person return remains voluntary, and based on the individual staff or family’s level of comfort and circumstance.

Those who have chosen to return to the school buildings can be assured that all schools are safe and ready to welcome you back on April 19th! Our facilities crew has taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our entire school community. Proper PPE equipment and standard sanitizing procedures inline with CDC regulations have been established, in preparation for our return. Modifications to our HVAC systems, refillable water stations, and a host of additional alterations have been made for the optimal safety of our scholars, and staff.

School leaders are elated to soon be reunited in-person with their families and staff. Each school has its individual Reopening Plan, which can be found on their respective school pages. Their plans outline steps and procedures, and detail the learning structure that scholars will be welcomed into upon their return in April.

Should you as a family have questions or need clarity on any portions of your individual school’s plan, please reach out to your School Director. You can access them directly from the school’s page by clicking the tab at the bottom left-hand side of the page, under their photo labeled, “Click to email the School Director & Operations Manager”

The social-emotional needs of all of our scholars and staff is extremely important to us. As we transition into this new model of voluntary return, a few of our additional support structures established during the pandemic will extend to the in-person learning space. Our social-emotional teams, school social workers and deans of culture at every U Prep school stand at-the-ready to provide support to each school community.