• High Expectations Permeate Every Facet Of Our Work – We intentionally cultivate an environment that reflects our values. Our traditions, experiences, and structures develop engaged, college-bound students.
  • College Bound – We ensure our students will be college-ready through the development of strong work habits and a growth mindset. Our students understand the significance of a college degree and align their efforts in school with a college-bound trajectory.
  • Character – U Prep’s core values are developed and harnessed as a means of contributing to the community. Our students take pride in their community and demonstrate their pride through their actions and words. Our visible environment is a reflection of our values.
  • Student Ownership – Students internalize and value the culture of high expectations within U Prep schools. They reflect on how this culture manifests itself through their academic and character development. Key moments- serve as capstone projects for students.

Core Values

  • We care about people – In everything we do, we care about the needs of others while also taking care of ourselves.
  • Learning is exciting – We take joy in learning new things, and we approach challenges by thinking about the new things we will discover.
  • We think big and DO – Our goals push us to excel, and we work hard to accomplish those goals.
  • We work well by ourselves and in teams – We work hard on our own and contribute our personal best to the team, and our work together lets us all shine brighter.
  • Our actions have a purpose – Before we do anything, we know why we are doing it and how we will go about it.


University Prep Schools provides a culturally responsive educational experience for our scholars that builds academic competence, habits of work, scholarship, and self-actualization, empowering them to accomplish their post-secondary plans, as well as socially and civically engaged as change agents for themselves and their community.