Known as one of Detroit’s longest-standing tuition-free public charter school systems

University Prep Schools (UPrep Schools) encompasses three districts and nine campuses serving K-12 students from all corners of the city. Through a combination of individualized and Expeditionary Learning models, UPrep Schools’ students are afforded the unique opportunity to learn in an environment that extends education beyond the confines of the traditional classroom.


  • We care about people.
    In everything we do, we care about the needs of others while also taking care of ourselves.
  • Learning is exciting.
    We take joy in learning new things. we approach challenges by thinking about the new things we will discover.
  • We think big and DO.
    Our goals push us to excel, and we work hard to accomplish those goals.
  • We work well by ourselves and in teams.
    We work hard on our own and contribute our personal best to the team, and our work together lets us all shine brighter.
  • Our actions have a purpose.
    Before we do anything, we know why we are doing it and how we will go about it.