U Prep Schools maintains an unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled learning experiences that extend far beyond the confines of the classroom. Our goal is to ignite the inherent gifts, talents, and brilliance within each student.

We actively seek to cultivate and nurture partnerships with organizations that share our mission. Together, we aim to fortify our network’s endeavors in enhancing student outcomes, focusing on the holistic development of every child. Our array of enriching afterschool programs, including options like chess club, culinary arts, and anime, exemplify this commitment. Notably, many of these supplementary experiences come at no cost to our U Prep families.

For more details regarding the diverse range of after-school programs available at your preferred U Prep School, kindly reach out to the School Operations Manager at your scholar’s educational institution.

Program Descriptions

Math 4 Success (M4S) PSAT & SAT Math Prep
Math 4 Success (M4S) PSAT & SAT Math Prep: Math 4 Success is a professional math educational service provider that supports students at every level. They exist to build a strong math foundation that further boosts student confidence, enhances comprehension of material, that ultimately translates to student success in Math. In an after-school setting, M4S uses an innovative approach to teach math concepts, tips, and strategies required to perform well on the PSAT and SAT math sections.
International Travel
The International Travel Program offered at all U Prep Middle and High Schools is an experiential program that turns the world into a classroom. Through unique learning opportunities and experiences, scholars develop an open-mindedness to new ideas and philosophies and become more intellectually advanced. Our scholars have traveled to Italy, France, Spain, Costa Rica, Peru and the continent of Africa. Scholarships and payment plans are available for every destination.
Detroit Food Academy (DFA)
Detroit Food Academy (DFA): Detroit Food Academy provides high school scholars with access to a food-based after school program where they learn about healthy eating and cooking. Participants also develop entrepreneurial skills by selling the products they make throughout the community. DFA students also provide catering for school events. This experience can be vital for future success within the food industry.
Big Green Gardens
Big Green Gardens: Big Green aims to improve the health of students and communities by creating experiential learning and garden-based education opportunities in inner-city schools. Through Learning Gardens, Big Green seeks to: increase student academic engagement and achievement; increase student knowledge and likeability of fresh fruits and vegetables, promoting healthy lifestyles; and strengthen school/community relationships.
Debate: As an elective course offered at the high school level, Debate offers scholars the benefit of developing life skills essential to navigating through the current global-political climate. Debate also improves research skills, oratorical skills, critical thinking, listening, reading, and writing skills in the context of learning persuasive communication strategies. Students are coached in the art of articulation, delivery of extemporaneous speech, and the power of utilizing their voice to effect change.
Chess Club
Chess Club: U Prep offers competitive chess instruction, facilitated by a national commentator for international chess competitions. Under his direction, scholars compete in national tournaments throughout the school year. Studies show that the game of chess builds intellect and improves academic performance. It helps to unveil latent abilities in students, that may otherwise be left untapped through more traditional educational approaches. Specifically, chess improves critical thinking skills; instills self-confidence; improves communication skills and pattern recognition, and cultivates a commitment to diligence, perseverance, resilience and concentration.
Robotics: All U Prep high schools offer Robotics Teams, providing scholars with the chance to enhance their STEM skills in a challenging and engaging environment. Robotics teams are at the intersection of technology, engineering, and math, making them an excellent way for students to gain a competitive edge in future careers that focus on STEM. Unlike traditional sports teams, robotics provides an alternative team activity, allowing students to develop social skills, teamwork, and leadership in a unique way. Additionally, scholars who are not interested in sports or who are unable to participate in sports can still benefit significantly from joining a robotics team.

Student Experiences

International Travel Club

International Travel –  “I had the opportunity to travel to Spain, South Africa and Costa Rica through U Prep Schools’ International Travel Program. The experience made me feel extremely grateful for what I have at home. I gained a sense of independence and responsibility while being away from home, which will help me as I look ahead to the future.” 

Grant, 8th grade student 

U Prep Debate Team

Debate Team – “Overall, debate is a beneficial activity that gives black and brown kids access to higher level education and skills that not only pertain to them, but can also give them an academic boost in core skills that they use every day.”

Jabari, Varsity Debate Team

u prep Detroit Food Academy

Detroit Food Academy – I joined the program last year in my 10th grade year, and it started off as just an opportunity to build relationships with other peers in my school community. What I gained was summer employment, part-time employment during the school year, exploration of Detroit restaurants and mentorship.  

Azaria, 11th grade student

Chess Club – “Chess has allowed Jacob to soar in Math & ELA by enhancing his analytical, comprehensive, & negotiating skills. Jacob continues to enjoy chess as he consistently improves his ability in the game by competing & winning at the local, regional, & national level. I highly recommend this chess program to all.”