In memory of those from the U Prep Community who lost their battle against the COVID-19 virus, we have dedicated a page in memoriam. Here, the memory of their precious lives will remain.

  • Skylar Herbert, Kindergartener – UPA Elementary (Mark Murray campus)  ❤️
  • Mr. Brian Darrell, father of a 12th grade scholar at UPAD High School  ❤️
  • Ms. Laneeka Barksdale, mother of a 12th grade scholar at UPAD High School  ❤️
  • Mr. Jim Esmond, cousin of a UPAD Elementary School Crew Member ❤️
  • Ms. Carrolle Harris, grandmother of a UPSM Elementary School scholar ❤️
  • Darrin Cato, Cousin of UPAD High School Crew Member ❤️
  • Marlowe Stoudamire , Father of UPSM Elementary School scholar ❤️
  • Dobie Gainey, Family Friend of UPAD High School Crew member ❤️
  • Darrin Adams, Classmate of UPSM Elementary School Crew Member ❤️
  • Mr. Dennis Haynes, Uncle of UPAD Middle School Crew Member ❤️
  • Ms. Brenda Ann Jones, Cousin of UPSM Elementary School Crew Member ❤️
  • Dorothy Hunter, Mother of UPSM Middle School scholar ❤️
  • Patricia A. Brooks, Grandmother of UPSM Middle School scholars ❤️
  • Lionel Gilkes, Grandfather of UPSM Elementary School scholar ❤️
  • Terry L. Rush, Grandfather of UPSM Middle School Scholar ❤️
  • Alphonso Brown, Uncle of UPSM Elementary School scholar ❤️
  • Jermaine Hill, Father of UPA Elementary School (Mark Murray Campus) scholar ❤️
  • Robert Sally, Uncle of UPSM Middle School Crew Member ❤️
  • Camielya Bush, Cousin of UPSM Middle School Crew Member ❤️
  • Lawrence Mitchell, Uncle of UPAD Middle School scholar ❤️

Join us, in tribute, as we remember the lives lost in the U Prep Community. Take a few minutes with your family and create a red heart to display in one of the windows in your home. You can also show your support on your social media pages by posting the heart emoji ❤️, followed by the hashtag #ourhearts2U. 

Should you wish to honor a loved one from the U Prep community on this page, please send an email to to include their name and relationship to the community.

We lend our deepest sympathies and a wish for healed hearts to all. Our work will continue in their honor.  We are Crew!