Detroit Police prepping students for future in law enforcement

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A new high school program by Detroit police will train students to be officers.

POSTED:SEP 21 2015 05:49PM EDT

UPDATED:SEP 21 2015 05:49PM EDT

What do you want to be when you grow up? Everyone is asked that as a child but for some Detroit students hoping to get into law enforcement, they get a unique opportunity with cops.

The new program is about more than just hitting the books. Detroit students are now getting a unique opportunity to start training for a job on the city’s police force before graduation.

Students like Tia Curtis. The University Prep high School sophomore says she has always dreamed of being a police officer.

“I actually want to go into homicide. This program really helps me out,” Curtis said.

That dream just got a boost thanks to a new partnership between the Detroit Police Department and two Detroit high schools: Cody and University Prep. Mayor Mike Duggan hopes the program will grow from it’s small beginnings into a 50 graduate per year program.


Detroit Police prepping students for future in law enforcement

“We’re very pleased with the fact we have 50 10th graders split evenly between Cody and University Prep,” Duggan said.

For Detroit Police Chief James Craig the program is about building relationships

“The key issue, when you look at what’s going on across the country, building relationships, staying connected with those students who are residents of the city of Detroit who can possibly become police officers,” Craig said.

The announcement of this program comes on the heels of another program at Cody that is training its first class of students to become certified Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians by the time they graduate high school.

“We continue to focus everyday on how we create paths of opportunity for the young people,” Duggan said.

The law enforcement curriculum still focuses on traditional studies like math and science but organizes say there’s a strong emphasis on criminal justice and law enforcement