Jamie Dimon: $100M investment in Detroit isn’t a JPMorgan Chase PR campaign


Scott Stump
TODAY contributor

May 21, 2014 at 7:40 AM ET

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview that his company’s $100 million investment in the city of Detroit isn’t about public relations.

Jamie Dimon, Matt Lauer


“The cynic would be wrong,” Dimon told Lauer when asked if the investment was in response to a $13 billion fine levied against the company in an exclusive interview.

“We invest and develop communities around the world. And we’ve been doing this since our heritage started 200 years ago,” said Dimon. “So that’s what banks do. They do it commercially. They do community development.”

Detroit, the largest U.S. city to seek bankruptcy protection, is $19 billion in debt and currently has an unemployment rate of about 14%, more than double the national average.

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