We care about people.

In everything we do, we care about the needs of others while also taking care of ourselves.


Learning is exciting.

We take joy in learning new things. we approach challenges by thinking about the new things we will discover.


We think big and DO.

Our goals push us to excel, and we work hard to accomplish those goals.


We work well by ourselves and in teams.

We work hard on our own and contribute our personal best to the team, and our work together lets us all shine brighter.


Our actions have a purpose.

Before we do anything, we know why we are doing it and how we will go about it.

Our culture is a testament to the people that make up the University Prep Schools network. Our students. Our teachers. Our vibrant parent community. Our administrators. They are the fabric of U Prep Schools.



Not only are we diligent about hiring highly qualified teachers, but we are steadfast in our commitment to creating opportunities for learning that extend beyond the confines of the classroom. While the achievement of the U Prep Schools’ student is at the root of everything we do, ingrained in our core philosophy is the idea that scholarship is as much about traditional learning as it is about access to experience aimed at preparing our kids for the world around them. It is why we, as teachers and administrators, focus our efforts as much on scholastic extracurriculars like debate as we do on maintaining a robust athletics program. It is why we have built an ever-growing internship program with partners such as St. John Providence Health System, the Karmanos Cancer Institute, Detroit Chassis and The Greening of Detroit, all of which serve as host companies to our high school students, each of whom is encouraged to intern with a company that aligns with their interests and career goals as early as their freshman year. It is why our Travel Club sends U Prep Schools’ middle school students to countries such as China, Italy and France on an annual basis, in an effort to expose those students to the cultures the read about in social studies classes. It is why we tell our students that while we require they remain intent on their academic success, they should also consider U Prep Schools a safe place for discovery – a place to “Discover U.”



U Prep Schools promotes a culture of accountability that extends to every aspect of its network. Our schools are designed to attract the best and the brightest. Whether we’re talking about students, teachers or staff, the U Prep Schools’ family is one that is comprised of people who are committed to and take ownership of their work. We provide our teachers with the freedom to set the tone for their classrooms and craft curricula that is aimed at maximizing student growth and achievement. These teachers are not only invested in their students’ success, but in their own professional development; they are not only committed to those students and their parents, but to ensuring their work extends beyond the classroom and affects change in the lives of the children they teach.



Collaboration is at the core of everything that we do. U Prep Schools fosters a culture rooted in relationships and teamwork. First and foremost, our focus is our students. As administrators and teachers, we work together to ensure that their achievement is our collective priority. Student success drives the U Prep Schools’ team and the team is the backbone of student success. We work tirelessly to ensure that our teachers are supported, and that they in turn, are able to provide our students with the tools they need. Our collaborative approach to education fundamentally relies on a policy of open communication and a commitment to continued improvement. We listen to and understand one another. We nurture student and teacher growth. And, most importantly, we continuously reinforce the values on which the U Prep Schools’ system is built – keeping the promise of access, opportunity and experience at the heart of all that we do.


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