UPA Middle School

Renovation 2017


UPA Middle School is located at 5310 St. Antoine St., Detroit, MI 48202.

Renovation broke ground on December 27, 2016.

Phase 1 will be the demolition and removal of one section of the building.

Phase 2 will be the erection of a  four story glass enclosed section of the building which will add a gorgeous cafetorium and 9 new classrooms.

Phase 3 will be the gutting and removing of obstructive pillars and strategic walls, rerouting the HVAC duct system and plumbing and completing other infrastructural necessities in the remainder of the school.

Phase 4 will consist of the building of larger, more open light filled classrooms.  Part of the renovation will include a building a modern dance studio and state-of-the-art media room.

The renovation is led by Francis Resendes and the Resendes Group. The entire renovation will be completed by the beginning of the 17/18 School Year.

UPA Middle School Before + After

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