Leadership Team

Mark Ornstein

Mark Ornstein is a Philadelphia transplant who graduated from Rutgers University and Rutgers University Law School. Mark was named CEO on July 1, 2013, after a months-long, board-conducted nationwide search. Prior to joining the Detroit 90/90 team, he served as deputy administrative director of Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU), a Delaware County-based regional education services agency servicing 15 school districts and over 100,000 students. Ornstein also served as the deputy director for the School District of Philadelphia before taking on the leadership role at DCIU. In Philadelphia, he oversaw programs in over 80 high schools containing over 150,000 students. In both DCIU and Philadelphia, Mark created unique, state of the art best practice education opportunities for students. Additionally, for over 5 years, Mark was an adjunct professor for graduate level education courses at Cabrini College.

In his new role as Detroit 90/90’s chief executive, Mark oversees operations at the charter system’s seven schools, which include UPA’s four campuses (UPA Mark Murray Elementary, UPA Ellen Thompson Elementary, University Prep Middle School and University Prep High School) and UPSM’s three campuses (UPSM Elementary School, UPSM Middle School and UPSM High School). In total, the seven University Prep campuses serves approximately 3,000 students. Mark is married with two children.

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