Engage Monthly Special: The World of Nonprofits with Special Guests Lisa Dietlin and Margaret Trimer-Hartley

Episode Description

This week on Engage with Andy Busch, we begin a once-a-month special dedicated to the world of non-profits. Nonprofits are the 3rd largest employer in the United States and expanded even during the Great Recession. Helping us explore and understand the wonderful nonprofit sector, we are joined by co-host Lisa Dietlin of Dietlin & Associates to share her expertise as a philanthropic agent. In segment 2, we have Teresa Bartels and Karen Kay of The Gateway for Cancer Research to share their experience with cancer research innovation and funding. For segment 3, we have Sarah Berghorst of OneGoal – Chicago, a nonprofit aimed to support underperforming high school students reach their full potential and graduate from college. And lastly, we end the show with Margaret Trimer-Hartley of University Prep Schools in Detroit to talk about her work in the city’s longest-standing tuition-free public charter school system.

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